About housing and utilities in Australia

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In Australia, houses and apartments are expensive. The cost depends on the area: in the center is more expensive than on the outskirts. The price grows annually by 15%, as most Chinese people buy real estate. In the center of Sydney or Canberra, a 1-bedroom apartment costs from $ 500,000, renting such housing up to $ 2,000.

For example, for a house of 80 sq m in the center of Sydney without a garage, furniture rent is $ 700 for 2 weeks. For the same price, 30 km from the city, you can rent a large house with a courtyard and several baths. Search for housing, along with the owner engaged in a realtor. On a special site, you must make an application and choose from the options.

Not superfluous will be the recommendations of the former tenants. In order to rent a selected room, you must leave a deposit: the amount of rent for four weeks – they are stored on a special account. This money can be used for repairs if damage is detected during eviction.

The concept of apartments in Russia and Australia are different. Australian housing is measured by the presence of bedrooms, and not the total area, as in Russia. For example, a 1-room apartment is: a kitchen, a corridor, a bathroom, a bedroom and a living room. For us – this is 2-bedroom accommodation.

The highest prices in Sydney. Good housing for three bedrooms, two baths and a double garage can be rented for $ 1225 a week. The cost of housing depends on the location, for example, more expensive apartments and houses are located on the coast in Sydney, Melbourne.

Housing bills are not included in the rental price. And the prices of services are high, the payment occurs monthly or quarterly, and the cost is the same throughout the country. On average, for a family of 3 people in a big city $ 300-400 per month. June-August in Australia is winter, there is no central heating here, so in winter time the charge may increase due to the use of electrical appliances for heating.

If the fee for the family is too high, then the public service can meet and make installments. Another such nuance: when concluding a contract, all the details are discussed: what can the tenant do and what not. For example, if something breaks, then you need to call a specialist from a real estate agency. Independently, nothing can be repaired, even to drive a nail.