Australia – pensions

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A very distant Australia seems to be somehow extraordinarily different from all other countries. The ocean, the sun almost all year round, kangaroos, which were only seen in the movies, the seasons are the other way round, and the movement is left-sided as well — why this corner of the earth is not attractive!

A growing number of people from different countries are considering Australia as an option for resettlement. Let’s try to consider in more detail the positive and negative sides of staying on Australian soil.

Australia has a fairly high standard of living, the country ranks third in the world in terms of this indicator. The population is generally benevolently disposed, it is not customary in communication to divide people by nationality, religion or status.

About climate, cleanliness

There are three climatic zones on the Australian continent: temperate, tropical and subequatorial. When it is summer in Russia, it is winter in Australia, the temperature at this time of the year does not fall below +12. The Australian climate with its clean air and unique nature is considered optimal for life.

City streets are clean, here is a special relationship to the surrounding nature. After putting the constructed object, not only garbage is removed, but the asphalt around is cleaned.

About earnings, pensions

What else is usually positive in life and life, in the first place, striking, what attracts the unknown Australia?

  • low unemployment rate of 5.5%;
  • stable economy;
  • excellent public transport;
  • free school education;
  • a decent pension.

With jobs here there is no big problem for the local population and with a diploma from an Australian university. The average salary in the country is 70-100 thousand Australian dollars (AUD) per year. Some salary by profession:

  • programmer – $ 8000;
  • engineer – $ 6000;
  • accountant – $ 5800;
  • driver – $ 3000.

It is not easy for migrants to get a job, as well as for young mothers. The latter need a flexible work schedule, and employers are reluctant to meet them.

Pension payments consist of two sources: the state and funded parts. The state pension is paid depending on the family status of the pensioner, the number of dependent children, the availability of own property.

A single pensioner can count on at least $ 500, a married couple – $ 900. It is paid with the onset of 65 years of age to everyone, even if the person has never worked. All businesses pay 9% in a private pension fund, everyone can still voluntarily contribute. These savings are paid in addition to the state.