Climate Australia

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Australia has a great climate!

Everyone here will find it to their liking. If you are a thermophilic resident – Queensland and virtually all of Western Australia are for you. If you want the tropics – please travel to northern Queensland or Northern Territories. The sea is almost everywhere, since the main life in Australia is concentrated within the boundaries of a 50-kilometer strip along the country’s coast. Australians do not need to promise their children all year that: “If you behave yourself, then in the summer we will go to sea.” Summer in Australia is year-round, the sea in Australia is an hour away by Car.

On the other hand, if you miss the snow or “can’t live without skiing” (as the author of this article), then in this case you will have to “spend some money” and move yourself to New Zealand, Japan, Canada or a few weeks The United States (this is the closest and cheaper), or to the “old woman Europe” (a little more expensive), which is also financially affordable for absolutely any middle-income Australian. On the other hand, skiing is not such a “ruinous” hobby as hunting, fishing, yachting, summer cottage, gardening, motoring, a secretary (perhaps not one), etc. Of course, in Australia you can go skiing, but … …. the financial budget of one week spent in New Zealand is 4 days in Australia with a 3 or 4-fold advantage in quality in favor of New Zealand. Yes, and in Australia you can find enough snow to play snowballs, or “lather” someone, but … but … but …

If we talk about the Australian climate in general, it is so suitable for the human body that the people of Australia forget what allergy and asthma are. Due to the fact that in Australia the mining and agricultural sectors of the economy are predominantly developed, we do not have “Mariupol or Nizhny Tagil pipes”. Accordingly, we breathe easily and freely. Water in Australia can be drunk directly from the tap. Wastes from human activity merge into suburban wastewater treatment plants, from which a river flows into the ocean. Herons nest in such rivers (come, we will arrange an excursion for you to see herons). The ocean is everywhere equally crystal clear with a huge amount of various marine flora and fauna.

Yes, we have increased solar activity, but this fact cannot be considered the cause of a large number of cancers in many Australians. Anyone who lies on the beaches for days on end under the open sun himself “seeks adventure in his mature years”, isn’t that so?