Costs of transportation, medical care and studying in Australia

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Sydney Opera House and Skyline, Sydney, Australia


Australia has a well-developed public transport network. The fee is made using an Opal Card, it is applied to the reader at the entrance to the bus and at the exit. For example, in Sydney, no more than $ 15 per day is read, more than this amount – free travel.

Parking is paid everywhere, in the city center the cost can be up to $ 120 per day, on the outskirts about $ 8 per hour. Under the force of the car to buy a family of any wealth. You can take a used car for 2-3 thousand AUD, even on credit. For example, a Toyota Corolla with a mileage of 60-70 thousand kilometers costs 11,000 – 14,000 dollars.

Medical service

What is the situation with medicine? In Australia, it is high, but also expensive. Partially services are compensated by medical insurance, which is formed from the contributions of each employee in the amount of 1.5% -2%. With a simple cold, no therapist will not accept (fever, runny nose should go by itself). At the house to invite the doctor can not, an ambulance comes in a pinch (high danger of life).

To a specialist you can only get in the direction. An independent trip will cost $ 300, and no one will compensate for the costs. There are pros and cons, which are compensated by a high level of medicine.

About studying

With kindergartens in the country is a problem. The gardens are all private, one day of stay costs from $ 100, so some children are taken one to two days a week to communicate with their peers. In comparison, our preschool institutions, with even the majority with the Soviet program, look much more profitable.

Schools are free, and the quality of education depends on the area. On this basis, some local residents are looking for housing. Higher education is everywhere paid, for a year the fee is about 5-6 thousand per year. There is an opportunity to take an educational loan.

Annually, on June 1, the amount is indexed to the size of inflation, the interest rate is zero. The loan begins to repay the student when the amount of annual income exceeds $ 54,000 per year. With less income payments are not withheld.

The higher education system is considered one of the best in the world, as evidenced by the fact that, by the number of foreign students, this is the third country after the United States and Great Britain. The cost of studying at the university for a bachelor’s degree from 10.8 to 23.8 thousand dollars.