Interesting facts about Australia

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The image of Australia is often associated with kangaroos, crocodiles and the scorching sun, or adventurous stories of characters from films that fight predators. In addition, there are many more facts that you did not know about: predatory koalas, thousands of refugees, nuclear tests, legalization of euthanasia and others.

A large number of refugees

According to statistics, Australia is one of the wealthiest and safest countries in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that many want to get there at any cost. So, in 2012, about 15 thousand people sought refuge in Australia. These people cannot be called illegal immigrants: coming to the country without documents in order to obtain refugee status is quite legal under Australian and international laws.

90% of refugees enter the country openly, simply by arriving by plane. The remaining 10% overcome the dangerous path from Indonesia on water, practically on boats unsuitable for such journeys, which very often sink. Those of the 10% who still get, despite all the obstacles, go to prison, where they are not treated in the best way.

The longest fence in the world

Australia has more than 75 million sheep, kept for wool and meat and concentrated mainly in the south-east of the country. The export of wool brings great income to the state and is a very important enterprise. The problem is that wild dingo dogs, which are very numerous in the region, hunt sheep, considering them easy prey. To prevent these attacks, the Australians began to build fences.

In 1880, a different number of fences were built by various farmers, which were a kind of protection against predators. And in 1946 in Australia, a law was passed, according to which all fences together became one huge barricade. Later, when new fences were built, they joined the old ones and stretched along the whole of South Australia. Dangers to fences are wild camels, which tear down any fencing that is not connected to electricity.

Kangaroo Meat Dishes

In addition to the many wild dogs in Australia, there is a lot of kangaroos, whose meat Australians eat as food. Kangaroo meat is very low-calorie. It becomes very tough when cooked, but very tasty if cooked properly. For a long time they did not know about it, because the Australians did not present it as their dignity – Australian music, art and cuisine did not attract the attention of Europeans. At some point, the situation has changed.

In addition, Australia is the only country in the world that eats its national symbol.